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The Uranus Pluto Cycle


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In 1781 the planet Uranus was discovered.  This was a very profound discovery in human history.  Prior to this event humans were only aware and conscious of the 7 planets out to Saturn.  Amazing things began to happen after Uranus was discovered.  The French and American revolutions soon exploded.  There became a universal call for individual rights and equality.  There was an outcry against monarchs who portrayed themselves as divine.  Astrologers who payed attention to the cyclical movements of Uranus and followed people who had various placements of Uranus in their natal charts began to notice an archetypal theme associated with Uranus.  Uranus became know as the planet of rebellion, revolution, breaking of traditions, individual freedom and autonomy.  Uranus became associated with impulsive and lightening change.  Other words to describe Uranus always include freedom.  I repeat freedom.  I repeat freedom.  Freedom is the right to act as you see fit as long as you do not hurt anyone else.  This was an unbelievable rebellious idea.  Just think.

To have the freedom to act based on what you want and what your individual idea is.  How revolutionary is that? It is not that this idea had not been around before.  It was just that it seemed that this idea exploded right around the time that humans became conscious that there was another planet, Uranus, out beyond Saturn in our solar system.  This is information that most of humanity are not aware of and do not understand fully.  It has profound implications for the future of humans on earth.  Uranus is also related to restlessness.  It is that feeling like an itch that comes when the existing situation just does not feel right anymore.  It is that feeling that seems to grab you by the shoulder and say "what are doing here?"  "We need to shake things up around here."  Uranus is all about looking around and seeing that each individual is not that different from everybody else.  That basically we are all equal and that everyone deserves to be treated with respect and dignity.  It is looking around and seeing that each individual has a right for his voice to be heard and that his voice deserves to have the same impact and weight as the next person regardless of race, gender, education, wealth or ancestry.  Uranus has become this

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amazing archetype. The essence of Uranus can be conceptualized by envisioning that which breaks through Saturn's boundaries.  Saturn is the archetype of limits, old stuffy traditions,  Uranus is the planet as Rudhyar announced is the ambassador from the Galaxy.  Yes, amazing things happened to human culture when Uranus arrived.        505-930-4550        web design by Daniel Fiverson