Bryan Stuppy Psychotherapist/Astrologer

About Bryan

My name is Bryan Stuppy.  I am a Jungian Psychotherapist and Archetypal/Hellenistic Astrologer.  I have 25 years experience as a Psychotherapist.  I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) (New Mexico License #C-1160)  I also have a professional license from the State of New Mexico as an Alcohol/Drug Counselor. (LADAC) (New Mexico License #3149).


My therapeutic work is based on the work of Carl Gustav Jung.  Carl Jung was a psychotherapist from Switzerland.  As a young psychiatrist Jung worked closely with Sigmund Freud.  In 1914 Jung developed a

separate path for psychotherapy which went deeper into the psyche than Freud.  Jung developed a therapeutic paradigm based on archetypes that Jung resurrected the archetypes from Plato’s philosophy.  Plato believed that the cosmos was embedded with fundamental “ideas” or “forms” or “archetypes”.  The archetypes are primordial psychic structures which emerge in various global mythologies, diverse global cultural institutions, the family and in the individual psyche.  Jung's archetypes include “father”, “mother”, “child”, “god”, “trickster”, “beauty”, “warrior”, “guru”, “old man”.I am also a Jungian dream psychotherapist.  Jung heard and interpreted 40,000 dreams from his patients in his lifetime.  Jung noticed that themes emerged in dreams which were connected to the archetypes listed above and others.  He developed a systematic approach to dream interpretation.  I have also trained with Stephen Eisenstadt, a Jungian psychotherapist, and Director of The Pacifica Graduate Institute.  He built upon Jung’s dream theories and presented his dream paradigm in his book “Dream Tending”.


I have worked for 25 years with people troubled by alcohol and drug addiction.  My therapeutic paradigm dealing with addictions is eclectic and I use many tools.  I believe that Jung’s theory of the “complex” describes the phenomenon of addiction.  A complex is a psychological structure that develops within the human psych which develops based on past experiences and behaviors which is activated at times of stress and will override the ego or human will.   With counseling a person can come to be more aware of personal issues and to develop a plan to engage in more healthy behaviors.


I also have been trained in the Community Reinforcement Approach (CRA) to addictions therapy developed by Robert Meyer’s.  Dr. Meyer also developed a therapeutic approach to help spouses and family members to motivate their loved ones to enter addictions treatment.  This approach is called Community Reinforcement Family Training (CRAFT).  I also use Motivational Interviewing (MI) developed by Bill Miller from the University of New Mexico.  I also use “Seeking Safety” , developed my Lisa Najavitz which is a therapeutic approach to help people who have both trauma and addiction.


I am also a recovering alcoholic and cocaine addict with 27 years clean from both alcohol and addictive drugs.  I have spent 27 years engaged in the 12 Step Program of Alcoholics Anonymous and at one point I spent 7 years engaged with the 12 Step Programs Narcotic Anonymous and Cocaine Anonymous.  I have deep knowledge of how the 12 Steps can help someone with these problems and I educate and assist people who want to use this approach.  This is definitely not a requirement to engage in a 12 Step Program to use my services however.  There are many approaches to recovery from addiction.


My astrological work reflects his study of Archetypal Astrology at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, with Rick Tarnas, Jessica Garfield-Kabbala and Chad Harris. in the fields of  philosophy, cosmology and consciousness community.  I have taken the following classes from Austin Coppock;  Fundamentals of Astrology, Planets, Houses, Aspects, Synodic Cycles, Here There Be Dragons –Nodes of the Moon class.  I have studied Hellenistic Astrology with Chris Brennan with his Hellenistic Astrology Class.  I have studied Hellenistic astrological techniques of annual profections and zodiacal releasing with Austin Coppock and Chris Brennan.        505-930-4550        web design by Daniel Fiverson